Fuji Ichiban Jiu Jitsu Rash Guard NOGI Grappling MMA

$ 65.95 $ 56.95

Fuji Ichiban Rash Guard NOGI Grappling MMA Training

Fuji Sport's Ichiban Rash Guard features the Japanese Kanji for Ichiban in Red on the front chest, and Ichiban letters running up the sides. “Ichiban”, which means Number One in Japanese, represents an athlete’s pursuit to become the best. The Ichiban Rash Guard can be worn for Gi and No Gi competition and training.

Technical Features:

  • Large Ichiban kanji on front, and small Kanji on back, symbolizing an athlete’s quest to be the best
  • Fully sublimated design which will not fade
  • High quality, soft underarm panels for maximum comfort
  • Great for gi and no-gi training and competition

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